Cool, Clean, Mountain Water


Guate Junior High Naciemento etc 095 No more contaminated well water to drink and cook with. The Pipeline from the mountain top now delivers cool, clean water to the villagers of Lagunita Salvador in Guatemala.

Thank you to everyone who shared their prayers, time, and gifts to make this happen. The villagers are very grateful. The children sing and praise God for all of you!Guate 2013 017

 It took a few boat loads of pipes and cement, rocks and sand. Then the village men hauled it all up the mountain on their backs. This was a lot of work but they were Joy-filled as they did it and they are grateful!                                                         Guate 2013 135
Guate 2013 041

Filomena CaalCarolina


The Holding Tank took the longest to build and cure before connecting the village homes. Pipes were running all through the village and across the Lagoon. It was amazing!

 Filomena  and Carolina send their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has given them a better life with clean water, a pila (sink) which all the ladies love and a better home than they ever imagined.

The Health of the villagers will certainly improve now as a result of this water from the mountain. When the rains come the Rain Water Collection systems will work in conjunction with the pipeline.

Anita and family in cayuc Those of you who helped with this Clean Water Project made a lot of poor families very happy.                                                                  God Bless you all!

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