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Place 1

K2K Mission on the Rio Dulce is based in the Aldea of Lagunita Salvador. Over the last 20 years many projects have been completed to help the Q’qechi people of the area especially in 6 aldeas. Sharing our Catholic Faith, building and supporting schools, clinics, self help projects, the Casa del Pescador Nutrition Project, potable water, and much more.

Place 2

In 2007, K2K began supporting a Girls School in Nigeria. This school is the future hope of the country says the priest that began it. Girls will return home and teach their parents and siblings good hygiene and sanitation procedures. Later they will teach their husbands and children, possibly ending many premature deaths in the country.

Place 3

In Uganda, for the last 15 years, K2K has been sponsoring kids in school through our Starfish Scholarship Program. Many have jobs as a result. Now there are teachers, nurses, priests, construction company owners, tailors and more. A high school, St Thomas Aquinas, was built as well with the help of the mission. We have a young lady, Joan, studying to be a doctor here in the U.S. We are very excited for her.

Uganda is a country in great need of protecting its children. read more: Google

Place 4

K2K has helped two missionary friends for many years as they tend to the many children suffering with AIDS. This is a true work of love that they give to these needy children. The medicine these children receive can help them to live a good life for many years.

Place 5

K2K sponsors seminarians attending school in Nicaragua. We have to date two priests more in the world having received support from K2K Outreach – Mission Hope

Thanks be to God!

Place 6

In El Salvador, K2K sponsors children in school and a nursing student. Through a Franciscan Nun, Sr. Maritza, funds are given to help them fulfill their dreams. Sr. Maritza also received support for her doctoral studies in Psychology, which will help many people in time.

Place 7

In Honduras, K2K has sponsored children’s programs in education. Helped with a special needs school and worked with the ecology program teaching religious education, music, sanitation and hygiene.

Place 8

Peggy Gerke, Founder and Director of Touching Hearts Bridging Hope serves the needs of children and families in Nuevo Laredo. She was the first Missionary to work in the Mission in Guatemala and continues today to be a beautiful part of Kids to Kids Outreach.

Place 9

This is the location of Padre Ignacio (Nacho) who is our pastor in the K2K Mission of La Pesca. Soto La Marina is the hub for us to meet and report to Fr. Nacho weekly as well as get any supplies we need. K2K is building an education facility which will train ministers of the Word and Eucharist to go out to all the ejidos eventually and serve the People of God. Alleluia

Place 10

Arteaga is the K2K first scholarship program location. Coordinated by Anna Maria Montalvo and her husband Deacon Manny before his passing. Anna has developed another mission: San Juan Diego and is serving under the K2K banner, helping the elderly and children receive the basics and she brings them HOPE. God Bless you Anna Maria

Place 11

Temple/Belton Texas is the home Office for Kids to Kids Outreach, Mission Hope. 20 Morgan’s Point Blvd. Morgan’s Point, TX 76513

So much good pouring forth from a simple idea shows that our prayers do get answered and God has The PLAN.

Missionaries of Hope thank God for including us all in His Plan to help His “Little Ones”

Place 12

Presently K2K works on the Texas/Mexico border in a little town called Penitas. We are based at St. Anne church in Puebla de los Palmas which just became the mother church for three small mission parishes. There we work and support the ICM Sisters who run the community center and coordinate the activities of the church.

Here on the border we help the poor through catechesis and the sharing of our Faith. Many youth groups have already come on mission trips and adults as well. Some have come multiple times. School supplies, scholarships, building projects and supplying the garage sale items to help pay the bills for the community center and church are some of the ways in which K2K helps here.