“The Gift that keeps on Giving”

While walking through one of our green lush Guatemalan villages I noticed a baby pig snorting and rummaging in the grass near a hut. He was pretty cute. (I was surprised to see him since the villagers are very poor and rarely have meat except for special occasions. One of the nutritional problems is a lack of regular protein.) Time passed and on route to the mission schools I noticed that the pig grew and grew. Soon it was not a baby anymore.

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Water, Cool, Clear Water

We are truly blessed in the United States of America for many reasons. Most of which we enjoy and benefit from because of those who came before us, our Ancestors. Adventures, Pioneers, Inventors, Brave Hearts all!

In homes across America we have good, clean water, coming not out of only one tap but several including outside faucets. But most of the worlds – two thirds of it, suffer from substandard water resources and many children die because of it. Illnesses like Amoebas, Gerardia, intestinal parasites, diarrhea, fever and dehydration result in death many times when a simple thing like Clean Water could have prevented it.

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