While walking through one of our green lush Guatemalan villages I noticed a baby pig snorting and rummaging in the grass near a hut. He was pretty cute. (I was surprised to see him since the villagers are very poor and rarely have meat except for special occasions. One of the nutritional problems is a lack of regular protein.) Time passed and on route to the mission schools I noticed that the pig grew and grew. Soon it was not a baby anymore.

The day came for the Mayan celebration called Maya Hák. This is a three day event where the Q’eqchi Indians give thanks in Prayer and Sacred Music for all the blessings they have received in the year, especially their children. It’s a spiritual time but very Festive as well. Villagers come from other areas to participate and there is lots of laughter, eating and play. The villagers relive their story through the Baile de Venado (Dance of the Deer) with beautiful costumes that dazzle the beholder.

At one point I asked on of the elders where all the food came from. He smiled and told me it was the pig that had been cared for near the school. I was amazed that the one pig could feed all the people at the celebration.

Another story I would like to share is about Hector  a 12 year old boy in our México Mission. He was gathering up old boards and pieces of metal, string and anything else he could find. I asked what he was doing and he proudly told me he was building a chicken coup. He wants to raise chickens for their eggs and meat to help his mom who is struggling to keep the electric on. She works anywhere she can find a job but its not enough. I asked Hector if he had any chickens but he said no, not yet but he was going to try and find work to raise enough money to buy them. Hector is one of the best boys I know and I want to help him and others like him to get a start.

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“The Gift that keeps on Giving”

K2K is presently offering a special opportunity for you to give a gift that will keep on giving in honor of someone you love. Finding gifts for some loved ones is difficult because they have everything they need or want.

Today you can make a donation of $10.00 for a dozen baby Chicks or $20.00 for a baby Pig which will help a village family in either the Guatemalan or the border missions of K2K. You will receive a card insert that you place in your own personal greeting card (Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary etc…) and give the card to your honored loved one. To the right is an example of the card inserts.

This is an opportunity for you to put your Love In Action and you’ll be showing your loved one that you care about them and you care for others just the way, Christ cares for us.

Baby Chicks and Baby Pigs will be going to families in K2K Mission villages of Guatemala.
Baby Chicks, Baby Goats and Baby Pigs will be going to K2K Mission families on the Texas/Mexico border.
If you have a preference, please state it in a note with your donations along with what babies you want to give and how many.

Mail your request and donation to:

Serving “His Little Ones”
In Faith, Hope, Love and Joy!
Maria Teresa Kaesberg, MdE
20 Morgan’s Point Blvd, Morgan’s Point, TX 76513