We are truly blessed in the United States of America for many reasons. Most of which we enjoy and benefit from because of those who came before us, our Ancestors. Adventures, Pioneers, Inventors, Brave Hearts all!

In most homes across America we have good, clean water, coming not out of only one tap but several including outside faucets. But most of the worlds – two thirds of it, suffer from substandard water resources and many children die because of it. Illnesses like Amoebas, Gerardia, intestinal parasites, diarrhea, fever and dehydration result in death many times when a simple thing like Clean Water could have prevented it.Bruce Matous & His Amigos engineer the Systems that bring clean water to the people.

In the K2K Mission villages in Guatemala we began building Rain Water Collection Systems (RWCS). Thanks to good men who work in the water building and treatment systems in Central Texas, who gave their time, talent and treasure on several trips 350 families now have the “Gift of GOOD Water”.

Each RWCS consists of a concrete floor, for a cleaner work stations. A corrugated metal roof collects the water which through four-inch tubes runs into a 450 liter collection tank. The tank sits on a sturdy shelf just behind a sink (Pila) where Mama can prepare food for her family, do dishes and even wash the baby. It is a dream come true for most Q’eqchi women. The sink alone is something they never thought they would ever be able to have let alone Good Clean Water for their family.Amalia and her children are really grateful and very happy! They have prayed for good water!

Each RWCS costs $500.00. The villagers work on building the system with the mission supervisor, Capt. Norm Kaesberg and Martin Maas. This is a hand in hand project and the villagers are very grateful and happy to work. They often help others with theirs especially if there is an elderly couple or someone is ill.

Giving a RWCS to a family has provided good water for many, many years!

Thanks to all who partnered with K2K in this endeavor from Central to South Texas including the Rotary

Clubs who sent volunteers and funds to complete this much needed supply of good water to good people.

We have 17 new families that need a RWCS. Please consider providing one as a Christmas gift this coming holiday.