Starfish Scholarship Fund and Teacher Program:

Paying teachers in a foreign country is not something the mission started out doing. However, the need is great and since we began, the children have excelled in education and those who have already graduated are finding jobs and fulfilling their dreams! You cannot ask for more than that!

A teacher’s salary in Guatemala is $3500.00 a year. We ask people to make a pledge and send in their donation each month. Sponsors have given various amounts and when we add up the pledges, we know how many teachers we can pay. In the last five years, the program has gone from 1 teacher to 10. Now in six villages and two Special Needs classes the demand is greater. One teacher can educate an entire classroom of beautiful kids.

The Starfish program offers scholarships to students in Junior High, High School, Trade Schools, Colleges and Seminaries in Countries like Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Nigeria and Uganda where the mission has, supported kids in education for many years. Girls are breaking records. The first girl to go beyond 6th grade in her village, Ana Tec, is now nursing in 77 villages. Another girl, Anita Maas will begin nursing school in November. Her dream is to come back and help her people by providing them with health care.
Two Nurses, a Policeman, several Teachers, Accountants, Carpenters, Seminarians and many more are studying now or have jobs and are supporting not only themselves but extended family and community members as well. These bright young people have worked hard to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams but it would not have happened without their Sponsors/God Parents who made it possible through their generous gifts and loving encouragement, which gave them HOPE!

We Need Sponsors for these kids now. If you can help on a monthly basis that would be wonderful.


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