Feed My Lambs (Nutrition Programs)

Due to “lack of opportunity”, most villagers cannot find or maintain jobs. Their families live in poverty not because Dad does not want to work but because he cannot find it. Most families consider themselves blessed if they have enough tortillas each day to fill their stomachs. Malnutrition is a big problem and to help alleviate some of it the mission funds village school nutrition programs. The kids get eggs, oatmeal, rice, beans, fruit, chicken and vegetables, which provides more balance. In addition to the foods, they receive a multivitamin daily.

Casa Del Pescador is a nutrition program that was supported by K2K Mission Hope for 11 years. This program began with 23 kids who were searching in a nearby garbage dump for food. They were invited and brought to a donated house where volunteers cooked nutritious meals for them. Today the coordinators, who courageou and tireless as  they have been, had to discontinue due to their own economic problems.  

Rotary Clubs, Protestant & Catholic Churches from Austin to Corpus Christi, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America as well as many individuals have helped the mission provide food for the kids in this program and the people are grateful.

They asked, When did we feed you, Lord? Jesus said, “Whenever you did it to the Least of my people, you did it to Me!” Matthew 25:35,36

Feeding the Hungry on the streets of Guatemala is part of the missionary ministry near and dear to the heart of the Captain. When ever our work takes us to Antigua, Hermano Normano, as he is often called now, takes ham and egg sandwiches, walks the streets and gives food to the poor. This year while working on the water project in March and April, the Captain walked the streets again feeding the hungry every morning he was there.