Planning a trip to volunteer/visit?

Here is some information that may help you prepare.

You will need:

· A U.S. Passport. Contact your local post office for information on obtaining one.

· Air Fare Has been running $700 + round trip depending on travel time.

· Transportation/hotel $200. (Includes Shuttles from/to Airport, two nights hotel [arrival/departure] and trip to Mission on the Rio Dulce

· We ask each person to chip in $20.00 per day for food when at the mission on the Rio Dulce. You will need close to $25.00 a day when you are in Antigua because you will be eating in restaurants. Also, please bring snacks to share in the Center and some for the kids in the villages. They will appreciate your thinking of them.

· Tips are very important in Central America because the people do not make much from employers. Therefore we ask that you remember to bring extra money for tipping. 10% is the rate. Baggage Handlers, Shuttle Drivers, Wait Persons, etc…$150.00 based on a two-week stay may be sufficient.

· There will be several opportunities to purchase items from mission villagers as well as tipica (Local made products) from indigenous vendors in Antigua, so plan on bringing some spending money as well.

· Guatemala is a place where the Captain and I feel safe but we do dress simply and we do not wear eye-catching jewelry or clothes or anything that draws attention to us out of respect for the people who are poor.

· Clothing to bring: A pair of pants or jeans and a lightweight sweatshirt & t-shirts for Antigua. The Rio is tropical –Lightweight skirts or dresses, modest shorts; t-shirts and sandals are all you need. Basic needs: Comb or brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shampoo, soap. No electronics needed on the Rio. Sun Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, insect spray, camera, swimsuit.

· Travel Pillow, sheets for cots, towels, mosquito net and your toiletries

· Want to take Spanish Classes in the village? Great! We have a great curriculum and tutors. The donation for classes and tutors depends on length of class and visit.

Note* It helps the villagers if you bring articles that you use while visiting like clothes, linens, bug candles, etc., and then donate them when you leave.

**If you have questions and or would like more information, please call (see below) or send an email to! **

In Faith, HOPE, Love and Joy!
Maria Teresa Kaesberg, MdE
Director, Kids To Kids Outreach